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A Letter From a Happy Customer

August 15th, 2016
Richard & Charlene Murphy
2021 Sunland Drive
Orleans, Ontario K4A 3L2
Customer #126812
Ford Motor Company of Canada Limited
The Canadian Road
P.O. Box 2000
Oakville, Ontario, Canada L6K 0C8

RE: Orchard Ford – 911 Stremel Road, Kelowna, B.C. V1X 5E6 Invoice #293691

To whom it may concern;

We are writing to let you know of the exceptional service we received at Orchard Ford while we were traveling across Canada this summer. What we experienced was second to none and could not go without commendation.

We are from Orleans, Ontario and we started a three and a half week trek across Canada in our F-150 towing a 23 foot trailer on July 7th, 2016. On Thursday July 22nd we were making our way back from Vancouver to Kelowna (on our journey back home) and as we approached Westbank we noticed smoke coming from the back of our truck.

Approximately 1:30PM we pulled over and saw that some sort of oil had sprayed out the back of our truck and had gotten on the truck as well as all over our trailer. We had just had the oil and differentials changed the day before, so we thought perhaps something had been over filled or a cap not tightened, etc. Seeing as we were only 4 minutes from Westbank, we slowly made our way and parked for approximately an hour and a half to let things cool down, then stopped in at Mr. Lube (same company that had done the work the day before). The technicians took a look and said from what they could see, all levels were good, but that they were not mechanics, so they said we should take it to a Ford Service Center.

We then proceeded to Orchard Ford in Kelowna, B.C. arriving approximately 4:20PM. When we arrived, we were greeted by Darren Geddes, a Service Advisor and we explained what we had experienced. He then had a technician go out and take a look (please keep in mind it was almost 4:30PM and that is when the shop closes…the service desk closes at 5:30PM). When the technician returned, his opinion was that it was a problem with the transmission…Mr. Geddes sent him to catch the Transmission Mechanic before he left to go home. We then sat in the waiting room…not too long after it was confirmed that there was indeed a problem with the transmission. Mr. Geddes informed us that his (only) transmission mechanic was starting his holidays and would not be returning until Monday. He said he would try to contact the other Ford Dealership in town to see if they could help out. In the meantime, we contacted our home dealership to get extended warranty information and see if we still had coverage, which thankfully we did.

As we returned to the Service Counter to inform Mr. Geddes of our coverage, a gentleman (the transmission mechanic – Guy Guilano) approached us and said that he was going to call his wife to check in with her and told us that he was going to come in on Friday (his scheduled holiday/time off) and take care of things for us. We were speechless and dumbfounded…who does that for total strangers. You can’t even being to imagine how humbled we were and appreciative that we would still be able to make our timeline for heading home. Mr. Guilano explained that he did have a music lesson/recital with one of his daughters at 11:00AM on Friday and that he would be in after that, which was obviously more than acceptable. At that point, Mr. Geddes had arranged for someone from Discount Car Rentals to come and pick us up. Our trailer was parked in their (Orchard Ford’s) secure compound, so we just retrieved what we needed from it and felt very comfortable leaving our trailer there. We then left with the driver and went on to Discount and made arrangements to stay in town.

The following morning, we had to stop in at the dealership to retrieve medication from our trailer. It was at that time (approximately 9:45AM) that we saw Mr. Guilano and we asked him what he was doing there, as he had said he wouldn’t be in until after his daughter’s music lesson/recital. He stated he had woken up early and came in to drop the transmission in preparation for the repairs. Once again, we were in awe…what an incredible gesture! We then left with our rental and toured around the Okanagan. Later in the morning we received a call from Mr. Geddes who explained that the extended warranty company was refusing to cover the repairs unless they received all service records, photos, etc. Since we were traveling, unfortunately we did not have all the records/information with us, however – the receipt for the transmission flush we had completed the day before our departure was in fact in the glove box. He suggested that we get in touch with the dealership we purchased the extended warranty from. We actually contacted the owner of the dealership, who contacted his assistant manager who in turn contacted Mr. Geddes. Because we had a timetable to keep, we instructed Mr. Geddes to complete all the repairs (with or without approval from the warranty company) and should we need to deal with the warranty company later, we would. By the time we arrived back at the dealership around 3:50PM, Mr. Geddes informed us that he had just gotten off the phone with the warranty company 15 minutes earlier and that after sending photos and sharing the information regarding the transmission flush…the claim had been approved. It is very apparent that Mr. Geddes went the extra mile, and beyond on our behalf – so incredible! He told us that the truck would be ready to go soon.

We left the dealership approximately 4:20PM to retrieve our belongings and return the rental car. A driver from Discount returned us to the dealership approximately 5:30PM, where our truck and Mr. Geddes were patiently awaiting our arrival. We took care of the deductible and the portion of the bill we were responsible for, hooked up our truck to our trailer and we were on our way by 5:45PM.

What started out as a major catastrophe (for us) was nothing more than a small hiccup in the midst of our amazing adventure…all thanks to the exceptional and unparalleled service we received from Mr. Geddes and Mr. Guilano at Orchard Ford. The commitment and tenacity of Mr. Geddes along with the dedication and diligence of Mr. Guilano made us feel so incredible and blessed…something we will never forget! Here’s hoping that Ford Canada and Orchard Ford know how lucky they are to have these two incredible men in their employ – they are truly an invaluable asset!!

With our sincere appreciation and heartfelt thanks,

Richard & Charlene Murphy

Cc: Trevor Pollon – Orchard Ford

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