Dan Tellier the sales person I dealt with was great in finding me what I wanted in my F150. His follow up and dedication to customer service is amazing. I had purchased the truck due to the awaiting arrival of me and my wife's first child. After our daughter was born, Dan contacted me to make sure everyone was doing well and that the truck was working out. He even sent flowers as a congratulations on our daughters birth. I would refer anyone to go to Orchard Ford and see Dan to buy a vehicle, as I hopefully plan to buy my future vehicles from him and maintain them at the dealership as well. I was very happy with the customer service!

Andre Pollonais - Lake Country, BC

My personal thanks to Mathew McDougall at Orchard Ford Sales who provided an excellent level of services on the purchase of both my vehicles. Nothing was too difficult and he kept me informed throughout the whole process & after sale follow ups:) it's an absolute pleasure dealing with Mathew McDougall and I have no hesitation in continuing to recommend Mathew to my family friends and business associates.

Maria Marrone - West Kelowna, BC

Cindy Draper was an awesome sales professional! She helped me to get into a truck I wanted and gave me good information about my options and worked very hard through the whole thing. Thanks you so much I love my truck!

Josh Martin - Kelowna, BC

The Staff at Orchard Ford are the best I have ever dealt with Starting at the top with Dan and Trevor. Len and his best sales person Barry. Than the service department with Sean, Anthony and Scott and all the techs. I always feel welcome and I know that everyone there is doing there absolute best to look after me. Great job Orchard Ford !

Larry N - Kelowna, BC

We received exceptional service at Orchard Ford while we were travelling across Canada this summer. What we experienced was second to none and could not go without commendation. We were a little over halfway through our 13,500km trek heading home to Ottawa when the transmission on our F150 blew. We had no idea what we were going to do and if/when we were going to make it home. What started out as a major catastrophe (for us) was nothing more than a small hiccup in the midst of our amazing adventure…all thanks to the exceptional and unparalleled service we received from Mr. Geddes and Mr. Guilano at Orchard Ford. The commitment and tenacity of Mr. Geddes along with the dedication and diligence of Mr. Guilano made us feel so incredible and blessed…something we will never forget! Here’s hoping that Ford Canada and Orchard Ford know how lucky they are to have these two incredible men in their employ – they are truly an invaluable asset!!

Charlene Nelson - Orleans, Ontario

We just had the pleasure of working with Nathan Cottenie at Orchard Ford. I have always hated vehicle shopping but this experience was totally different. Nathan was knowledgable, personable and flat out funny. I had a great time test driving a 2017 escape which we ended up buying. He went above and beyond as far as I'm concerned. He never treated me like a silly girl as I have experienced with other salesmen in the past. Orchard Ford was able to beat pricing from 3 other dealers and give me the best trade in on my old ride. Our new ride is in transit and I can't wait to get my hands on her! Thank you Nathan for an awesome vehicle buying experience. When we are in the market for a new super duty we are coming to see you!

Kaleena Dawn - Kelowna, BC

I wanted to commend several of your team for their exceptional treatment and customer service. I am from out of town and flew into Kelowna to move my son back home. We were driving to Manitoba in his car and needed to leave on Monday, Sept 5th. I had purchased a Class I hitch from a retailer who promised me it would be in by Sept 1st. After they reassured me on the morning of the 2nd (already late) that the product would come in, they later (late evening) phoned me to say it would not arrive until Sept 6th. I was frustrated because it was late Friday evening of the long weekend and I was left not knowing how I would resolve this in time to hitch a bike rack and bike to the car for transporting them home. Not being from Kelowna, I became stressed as I started my Internet search of who may be able to help. After little sleep and an early Saturday morning visit to two other retailers specializing in hitches, both of whom were closed for the long weekend, I decided to try Orchard Ford. I know that Ford does not sell the hitch for a 2012 Ford Fusion but was hoping they could help. And they stepped up! I started by explaining my dilemma and frustration to Anthony. He pointed me to Darren in Parts, where I again explained the situation. He got on the phone and called a connection that was able to provide a Class II hitch. He then asked about installing it. I needed that done too. They were booked solid, so he tried calling several places and nobody was available to assist. They assured me not to worry; perhaps the retailer who was to install the hitch could do it as a consolation for their error. There were potentially some options. While waiting for the hitch to arrive, I was offered a coffee. While at the machine, I was telling my tale to the receptionist and another Service person, Gustavo. Gustavo was in working on his own vehicle on a day off. He immediately offered to help. The Service Manager, Anthony initially declined the offer because he was not scheduled to be on. I am not sure what changed his mind, but when the part arrived, they clocked in Gustavo who installed the hitch. Not only did he install it, he also secured two bolts that I couldn’t hand tighten sufficiently, and then he removed a spare fitting and mounted the hitch. My vehicle was returned to me, ready to hit the road. What fabulous service. I was almost in tears when I saw how helpful this team was, especially after the stress I was under. I knew there was no way I could fit the bike and rack in the car with all the other items to move. These guys stepped up and came to my rescue. I cannot say “thank-you” enough. This is a great example of customer service and it is appreciated! Sincerely!

Tracey Machan - Oak Bluff, Manitoba

Good morning, I do not subscribe to Facebook or Yelp . The only time I yelp is when my wife beats me. I will say what I have to say about Orchard Ford and my purchase and you may do what you wish with it. The reception was great coming with an offer of coffee while she contacted Ray Tremblay, whom I had requested. I had completed substantial research and was prepared for a couple of negotiation sessions with Ray. I spoke to Ray about the Raptor and a F150 XLT. I was shown a F150 XLT Quad cab first and a Raptor was not available to view. That was no big deal as I didn't require all the "racing" gear anyway. I viewed the truck---liked it as it had the new 2nd generation eco-boost and the 10 speed transmission and was far more truck than I expected. I braced myself and said how much Ray? When he gave me a price I simply said I'll take it. No stress and no haggling which was much appreciated. The quote from Ray was fair.

I was then introduced to Ty who would do the book work and final tally. This man is a real asset to Orchard Ford as he took all the time necessary to be sure that I understood the invoice. My brain does not operate in a conventional manner and he recognized that by my questioning and made personal adjustments so I was clear and fully understood the Invoice. Ray then went over the entire operation of the truck and linked my cell to sync3.

I would rate my entire purchase experience as 10 out of 10 and would recommend Orchard Ford to anyone. Thank you Ford for a great truck.

Rolly Hein - Kelowna, BC